Monday, January 11, 2021

I was wrong. It's that simple. I am better now.

I used to feed the birds in my backyard while I ate birds. I planted native flowers, shrubs, and bushes for the wildlife I thought I appreciated while I was wiping out biodiversity by eating animals. I cheered for animal rescue stories while I was destroying lives. I hiked in woods I believed I loved while I was burning down forests to consume animals. I believed I was good in my profession while I was following guidelines that do so much harm. I always tried to be decent and humane in my life and I was so sadly indecent and inhumane. I loved the antics of the squirrels and racoons while I did not check my garments to be sure there were no torture of other animals. I felt so lucky when deer roamed through my yard while I was stabbing other sentient animals to death. I appreciated the baby animals that came through and how fiercely mommy animals looked out for their young, while I was forcibly separating babies from equally loving mothers. I was against breeding and sexual assault on any being while I paid for forcible breeding by the billions. I rescued dogs and cats my whole life yet I was other individuals’ executioner.

I am so glad veganism found me.

"It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning."
Claude Bernard

Friday, October 2, 2020

Humans and Their [lack of] Thought


I often ponder how humans think (or don’t). Personally, I gather as much knowledge as I can in every second of every day. I try very hard to have an open mind and be willing to change when faced with information that contradicts my previously-held beliefs.

People say weird things to vegans, many people feel instantly defensive (because they ‘know’ deep down and it comes from inside them, not the vegan). Statements like “you can’t make me vegan” or “don’t push your beliefs on me” (whether on not you even actually SAID anything lol).

Of course I can’t make anyone vegan! I also can’t make people not abuse children, or rape women, or not be racist, etc. But when I woke up to the horrible behavior I was displaying in pure selfish ignorance I changed. People like me are grateful to ‘know’ because we care more about being a decent and informed human than we care about following along with society’s illnesses and violence.

Beyond just normal FB paranoia there is excess paranoia with vegan posts – anyone not vegan will likely feel you are targeting them. I have been posting the same stuff for over 12 years now and not one person who has come or gone has changed that or will EVER change that. I am here for one reason and one reason only, and there is ZERO doubt in an exploding vegan population that we ARE changing the world!

Veganism is just the basis of decency – same as not abusing children…it does not make me special, I am only meeting the bare minimum of not being a discriminatory animal-torturer.

There is a meme I have seen and it makes some sense…replace the words in the sentence:

“I could never be ____ [vegan]”

Replace that with any of these words/phrases: compassionate, kind, aware, informed, against animal abuse, against discrimination, etc.

e.g. “I could never be against animal abuse.”

That is how people sound to vegans. It is incredulous to us. People and the smugness some demonstrate regarding their societal training is scary. It tells me that they would be harming my family too and not giving a shit if they didn’t directly know me…as we know animal agriculture is destroying so many families...of all species, including human.

There is nothing to be ‘smug’ about in not being vegan. There really are 3 scenarios

1. vegan (of course)

2. completely uniformed of the impact they are having and the terrible behavior they support and therefore feel very justified by their trained behaviors (but being ignorant actually isn’t OK in my book)

3. understanding the impact and the terrible behavior and not changing (well - with no apology - then you are just not a very good person to participate in such abhorrent behaviors).

That’s it – all 3 choices. There are no others. I choose vegan.

What is the quote?

“Your response when you found out how badly you were behaving speaks volumes about your character?”

Or something like that anyways…

It doesn’t reflect at all on me if someone isn’t vegan. This reflects only on them. My values are iron strong and I don’t need anyone’s assurance about differentiating RIGHT from WRONG. So, while others are feeling smug about behaving in ways I would NEVER knowingly behave, I’m likewise would have to admit to feeling a bit smug in these situations that I am far better than that.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Their Pain of Living

We all know or see people here and there whose child(ren) have died. We have witnessed or read the tributes from grieving parents and how they ache so badly they do not feel they can live another moment.

I have experienced grief, but not as a parent. I find that pain hard to envision as by pure witness I have at times felt my breath lock up and such deep sorrow that I wonder how it can be any worse…

I have heard a human mother scream for her child in agony. I have also heard this sound – this wail of pure emotional pain - in other species. It is a terrible, bone-chilling sound where you immediately feel at least part of their profound suffering.

I have watched mothers try with all their strength and will to defend their children, but these gentle vulnerable beings are no match for the bullies. No match for those who demand their blood and bodies and who show no mercy.

Many species – maybe even most – are loving, protective mothers. Yet we repeatedly thrust this intense grief upon them. We take and kill their beloved babies, or females are kept and entered into the slave pool as soon as physically possible to begin to assault her for forced breeding and we will emotionally traumatize her too…and we do this repeatedly until their bodies can give no more. Lives as slaves - no matter how well we treat our slaves - is still a life of slavery. Feeling another is ‘not like you’ and is therefore OK for barbarism, violence, confinement, enslavement, forced breeding, oppression, and exploitation are dangerous and deplorable ways to think.

A better way to think is that we have certain morals – most of us do – and we can just choose to live by them. We can just agree that inflicting violence and suffering on another is something to be avoided at any time we can. We can just agree that we do not want to cause each other harm. We can just live in peace and have incredibly happy, fulfilled lives without completely destroying someone else.

I make a difference. It doesn’t matter if anyone thinks I don’t, because I know better. We all do. It is just whether we want our influence in the world to be as positive as possible or we want to intentionally ignore and/or misunderstand the language of suffering to continue thoughtless personal convenience and general societal acceptance.

Willful ignorance sometimes allows us to hold tight to the belief we are humane and caring when we are acting in the most inhumane ways imaginable. But willful ignorance does not actually make us humane - it just makes us ignorant.

Please let your actions reflect your morals. Go vegan

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Surrounded by Horror

I see the shelves for what they are…

a world of hurt

the corner where patrons dine on their hamburgers I visualize the irreplaceable rain forest burning

the tank where silent pleas for help represent the abject apathy of a dying ocean

the colorful bakery counter brings to mind the many mothers who have lost their babies

- to harbor so much grief and pain within those walls -

neat rows of packaged death, oppression, exploitation…

I can *see* them all and I feel an overwhelming helplessness to stop this senseless violence

to communicate effectively with people who are decent at heart but cannot *see*

please stop

that’s is all I can do – plead with people to stop

what we are doing is beyond terrible

beyond offensive







all are insufficient

vegans try to avoid complicity as best they can

with a uncaring, unthinking, unmerciful, violent monster

please stop

the screams surround me 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Forward Rational Thinking


Many a great thinker’s determined conclusion,
that societal traditions form strange illusion.

Of human supremacy, dissonance by design,
words and actions which seldom align.

Singer once said, “Slaughter cannot dwell with justice”
- that as we shed blood we could have no peace among us.

H.G. Wells writes of a world of slaughter not moral,
where humans too refined for behavior so deplorable.

Plutarch thought “sucking juices and serums” quite out-of-line.
While Franklin and Shakespeare both spoke of mental decline.

Asserting something had lifted - mind that feels clear;
what impact it has – consuming oppression and fear?

Thoreau saw it too, and said as humans progressed,
they would not even consider the intake of flesh.

Tolstoy believed man suppressed highest gains,
with acts of killing and the feast on remains.

“Flesh eating immoral” the exact phrase,
violating true ethics becomes cruel in his ways.

Schweitzer hoping bad habit overcome by thoughtful stance
…that we make the connection and shun ignorance.

Pythagoras said as we massacre others it is ourselves we destroy;
reducing potential to fully reap love and joy.

On principle alone most people agree,
we should not inflict harm or suffering in the absence of need.

But when change is required, resistance often met;
especially when dealing with long-held mindset.

While the groupthink will decry the ‘vegan agenda’
Insistent their thinking but based upon pure propaganda.

People believe themselves ethical, loving and kind.
But many are only fooling their mind.

To be rational is to be vegan, all else psychopath
Violence and suffering, unseen bloodbath.

So VEGAN the choice in my every endeavor,
consistent, rational thinking - happily vegan forever!

- - - - - - -
If you are not vegan - get with the rational independent thinkers of the world and go vegan already!!!

Monday, January 7, 2019

More Shit Nonvegans Say

Vegans are used to getting a lot of resistance.
Repetition of phrases from nonvegan insistence.

Misinformed statements, “How would we feed everyone?”
“On nothing but lettuce? That could never be done.”

But it is eating animals that feeds insufficiently.
The fact is - we can feed more with plants quite efficiently!

And on it continues, often very defensive;
“I can’t be vegan I think it’s just too expensive.”

But there are many items whose prices aren't steep,
So many alternatives - we can live quite cheap!

“Do you even eat chicken? What about fish?”
“My gosh, how ‘bout bacon? It is so damn delish!”

There is no good excuse, no rational need,
to ‘use’ other beings or consume rotting flesh feed.

Sentient beings who value their lives.
They would beg for their life and run from our knives.

Vegan for justice, against oppression and exploitation.
Veganism NOT a diet - it is nondiscrimination!

“But if stuck on an island, what in the world would you do?”
“You also kill animals – the bug under your shoe!”

“Man has always eaten animals…since I don’t know when.”
“What about Intuit; and what of cavemen?”

Well, since we are not Intuit, nor on deserted land,
what would you do with millions of options in hand;

that do not cause enslavement, exploitation, or pain;
and you have absolutely NOTHING to lose but others will gain?

Just keep on ignoring? Just not give a damn?
I don’t know about you, but that’s not who I am.

“Farmers love their animals, and it has to be done -
if we didn’t eat animals we’d be overrun!”

No, farmers DO NOT love their animals - they breed them only to slay,
and they will keep exploiting, as long as we pay.

The often-heard question, “But don’t plants feel pain?”
Kill a dog or mow the lawn – do they believe them the same?

“Don’t you care about humans? What kind of person are you?”
“What about hunters? Do you hate all them too?”

“What about vitamins? Is your intake sufficient?”
“You’d better make sure, or you’ll be deficient.”

“You surely are lacking in in protein, B12, calcium, iron…”
“And look at my teeth! I am just like a lion!”

But when scientifically viewed, by basic design.
Humans and herbivores are way more aligned.

As health knowledge is growing and more data assessed
more doctors acknowledging that plant-based is best.

“I exploit and kill animals because that’s what God intended!”
We keep giving rational answers and they then claim they’re offended…

Offended by truth? Upset by facts?
Should instead be upset with justifying heinous acts.

Another frequent comment, though utterly wrong,
is to pull the "cult" card and say we joined along.

But here is the truth - no matter what nonvegans perceive…
Their *cult* is what vegans have managed to leave!

The nonvegan *cult* requires violent sacrifices, unkind…
No wonder the pressure to justify such conflict of mind.

Like the word ‘humane’ - a meaningless label.
Soothing the guilty with self-convinced fable.

“Sure, I’d eat my dog, I’m a true carnivore!”
“And I’ll eat 10 steaks now"; my manhood secure.

They could ask rational questions or present a thoughtful take…
But instead choose to ask about a zombie outbreak.

Oh, you buy from a *local* animal-killing, Earth-harming farm?
This is just more self-deception to justify egocentric harm.

No matter how *local*, there is nothing good or humane
about the exploitation of others and causing undue pain.

And then there’s the question – “But don’t you miss cheese?”
No - I do not miss sucking secretions nor killing babies.

All these irrational statements and ridiculous claims
to justify and rationalize rather than change!

Only when people can accept fantasy,
could we call nonviolence “extreme” and defend travesty.

One more we hear from those who don’t understand…
is the accusation of pushing some big Vegan Plan.”

A ‘Vegan Agenda’? What’s that comprise?
Justice for others? Not believing the lies?

A planet well-tended, allowing to flourish?
A clean Earth and growing food truly intended to nourish?

Treating those who can feel as the ‘someone’ they are?
These simple principles yet vegans bizarre?

And then the insist that on their ‘journey’ they’re crawling…
While the truth - any delay is completely appalling.

Claiming to “love” as destroy everything.
Words that are empty while great harm actions bring.

And were one to ask…we already know what we'd say,
“Do you want to hurt others?” would get an emphatic "NO WAY!"

A man abuses his dog – “How could he dare?”
Public outcry for hanging in the mid of town square.

Taught some to exploit, some to sleep with at night.
We do harm to most while we hold our pets tight.

Cognitive dissonance is what it is called;
when we treat some one way but don’t apply our morals to all.

It’s pretty concerning thinking your mind is legit;
and then you wake up one day and realize you were a complete hypocrite!

Most people are decent, just mired in lies.
Very deep is their ‘program’, they just don’t recognize.

And that is the reason I can write this all out…
Too many are followers without any doubt.

Desperate defense to keep dissonance disease.
When views and actions conflict it causes unease.

But vegan growing quick, the people are waking;
exciting to see a new world in the making!

So, for the thinkers and leaders who are willing to grow;
for those who can look past the lies and get into the 'know'…

Many depend on us, and we will continue the ‘fight’,
because there not one shred of doubt that vegan is right.

I will always be grateful for the one who told me.
They may have opened my eyes - but I had to be willing to *see*.

My perspective so different, and came clearness of mind;
It is awesome living a life with morals aligned!

Many years I was nonvegan, I have lived on each side,
but I prefer to think for myself and let my morals guide.

I love being vegan – many reasons nonvegan is wrong,
My only regret is that it took me so long!

And I’m not missing anything, of that I assure.
Nonvegan is toxic, veganism the cure.

Every day of your life please make resolution;
to stop the empty excuses and become part of the solution.

- by Karyn Swaney
©Karyn Swaney

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dumb Shit People Say

When I went vegan my biggest surprise,
was the reaction of others - their preference for lies!

The overwhelming majority unwilling to grow,
to move past their bias and into the ‘know’

Upset sometimes when being asked to see,
but not upset at ‘content’ - upset with me!

The irrational statements and ridiculous claims
to justify and rationalize rather than change.

Always dumb questions like, “Don’t plants feel pain?”
Kill puppies/mow the lawn – do they believe them the same?

They express a desire to be like a caveman?
Or seek *local* death and destruction whenever they can?

No matter how *local*, there is nothing humane
about the exploitation of others and causing undue pain.

Bias and discrimination - a lack of deliberate thought -
but a “personal choice” it most certainly is NOT.

They call veganism “extreme” and insist God approves…
Violence and apathy are acceptable views?

Innocent victims involved, basic decency forsaken,
but the most some can reply is how much they “love bacon…?”

Nonvegans fraught with disease, claim vegan unhealthy…
or that being vegan is elitist and only for wealthy?

Vegans not deficient in protein or iron,
and no, your teeth do NOT look like a lion!

They could ask rational questions or present a thoughtful take…
But instead often asked about a zombie outbreak.

Or a deserted island – “Then what would you do?”
“You have a bug on your windshield, you kill animals too!”

Desperate defense to keep dissonance disease.
When views and actions conflict it causes unease.

No, farmers DO NOT love their animals, they breed them only to slay,
and they will keep torturing them, as long as we pay.

And then there’s the question – “But don’t you miss cheese?”
No - I do not miss consuming secretions nor killing babies.

I’m not missing anything, of that I assure.
Nonvegan is toxic, veganism the cure.

Another frequent comment, though utterly wrong,
is to pull the ‘cult card’ and say we joined along.

But here is the fact, no matter what nonvegans perceive…
Their *cult* is what vegans have managed to leave!

The nonvegan *cult* requires bloodshed, violence, unkind…
So no wonder the pressure to justify such conflict of mind.

I used to be them, I have lived on each side,
but I prefer to think for myself and let my morals guide.

All these silly excuses, on their ‘journey’ they’re crawling…
While the truth - any delay is completely appalling.

Easy alternatives in the palm of the hand,
To go on ignoring – this I just can’t understand!

Animals exploited and tortured…planetary pollution,
Vegan an immediate way to be a part of solution.

But very deep is their program, they just don’t recognize.
Most people are decent, but they are mired in lies.

Only a world that accepts fantasy,
could call nonviolence “extreme” and defend travesty.

Claiming to “love” as they destroy everything.
Words that are empty while great harm actions bring.

So - the hardest of ‘vegan’? Those making stupid excuses.
Irrational nonsense to justify horrific abuses.

Yet no matter what dumb shit some people might say,
there is NO rational reason to not be vegan TODAY.

©Karyn Swaney

be vegan