Friday, June 19, 2015

Mommas Love Their Babies

We have these common brown spiders everywhere in our flower gardens. I try to be careful when digging and changing things, always doing the least harm possible to others. These spiders have these white egg sacs that they carry with them when they run from me to try to find another shelter. (I generally do things is sections, and yes, I do shoo any critters I find towards the ‘safe’ areas.)

Occasionally the spider and egg sac get separated while moving rocks or digging soil. Many times I have seen that little spider turn around to bravely face off with me to find her babies.

In one such search – I spied the tiny sac and gently gave it to her. She dismissed my attempt and continued searching.

Confused - but only for a second - there was another little brown spider a few inches away, also searching. I gave the sac to her and she accepted. I helped find the other egg sac and shooed them both to the ‘safe’ area before continuing on.

They know who their babies are. They defend their babies. They love their babies. Their lives matter – both to themselves and to me.