Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How is Love a Negative Thing?

There are *some* who seem to think that vegans are suffering, sad, negative, or upset in some way because we do not dress up or accessorize with the dead corpses of others while we gorge ourselves on rotting flesh, and/or because we point out the moral inconsistency of others while bonding with other amazing people to stand strong for one of the most inclusive and important social justice movements of our time.

Yes, we do know sad things. Yes, we do get down at times. But speaking for myself, overall I live an incredibly happy life and would NEVER trade intellect and morality for false happiness. The bubble most live in is false - a world created by immoral corporations, false advertising/propaganda, and corrupt media - therefore their own perceived happiness is mostly an illusion. For myself I found real and incredibly profound happiness when I began to truly understand the world I was living in and made informed choices that supported my true morals and principles…choices that were easy to make once one is basing their beliefs and actions on reality, education, love, justice, rational thought, and intellect. I definitely thought I was happy before I went vegan, but after I went vegan I found that happiness not only multiplied tremendously, but life also took on a whole new level of gratitude, joy, inner confidence, and appreciation.

When we understand that our daily choices determine whether we truly show compassion and concern for others, and even for oneself, we find such depth, we reconnect with our soul…words fail to convey how wonderful I feel since becoming vegan. I have not regretted my amazing, wonderful, life-affirming changes, not for one single moment.

If others would awaken to their own dissonance issues that cause them to be unable to rationally analyze vegan ethics (e.g. THINK), they might find out how to confront *their* own feelings of negativity and unhappiness when finding themselves unable to *deal* with them.

Being vegan is wonderful!

“The ignorance the people live in leads them to commit mistakes against their own happiness.”
Simón Bolívar

Nonveganism is Indefensible

- Global famine - - Antibiotic resistance - - Land, water, and air pollution that further makes people ill - - Aggressive and deadly antibiotic-resistance organisms like E. Coli O157H7, and new diseases such as Swine flu - - The intake of all kinds of chemicals, hormones, microorganisms - - Generally unhealthy for people to eat and ever-rising disease rates - - The contamination of healthy and Earth-friendly food with animal farm run-off (such as the spinach recall)

- Land, air, and water pollution, organisms in our water such as Pfisteria - - Dead zones in our waterways (unlivable areas deprived of all oxygen) - - Deforestation - - Loss of biodiversity (such as wolf culling to protect farm animals, etc.) - - A HUGE waste of water and resources all while contaminating our soil - - Climate change

- Animals abused and exploited in so many ways. Other sentient beings who humans often compare to children, but then treat the *children* like abusive, psychotic pedophilic serial killers would. They willingly partake in the practice of extreme, horrific cruelty to other docile, sentient beings, who often lived a life of confinement filled with fear and/or pain, who love their babies and desire to live just as we do. All when we have absolutely no dietary need for these products - no good reasons at all to eat or exploit them! Additionally, the impact on nature and wildlife from raising animals for food is immeasurable. In the combination of killing wild animals to protect farm animals, continually decreasing their range, the contamination and polluting the wild areas they live in, then causing imbalances in nature and killing more with the excuse of “overpopulation”, we lose BILLIONS of animals every single year…BILLIONS of them.

Every charity run, every donation, every item recycled does NOTHING to help others or our Earth more than being vegan. There is NO other single life choice that helps other earthlings more than being vegan. If you are willing to ignorantly hurt so many others for selfish unexamined choices then you are acting immorally. If you are willing to hurt so many others knowingly for your selfish desires you are acting immorally. If you are informed, and you care about other beings, and about the Earth itself, then you are a vegan. Those are really the only 3 options when one understands the scope of the issues before us. All it takes is a little education to help billions of other beings in the world.