Thursday, December 29, 2016

Try to Remember

Does Compassion Matter?

I’ve seen discussion of using words such as *compassion* in vegan dialogues. I am not seeking a debate and not intending to dispute anyone’s views on this, we all do what we believe is right. However, I’ve thought about this a bit…isn’t that what we are calling on? Our inherent nature? The average person’s sense of right and wrong? Some inherent *goodness* that we all assume most other people carry? If you simply don’t *care* then you probably don’t give a shit about “justice” either so that seems ineffective.

Trying to reduce oppression, exploitation, suffering, and violence depends upon both the *recognition* of these issues of and the *desire* to ease it, requiring at least some ability for compassion, IMO. If you don’t care to ease the suffering of others you will continue. Period. That is why sickos abuse animals and children in their basements and backyards – they have no sense of right and wrong and/or utterly lack compassion.

Yes, it is true, I could HATE children and not go around punching them in the face because I recognize the wrongness of doing so (an inadequate summary of the rationale for the lack of need for these words but you get my point). However, the true sociopaths among us could very well *punch that baby* without remorse, so I actually do want people to be decent, *compassionate* people. I actually just want them to be the people they say they already are. The people they believe they are.

I’d love to live in a society where we do things because we do hold an actual sense - not only of justice and equality - but that behaving along those lines of “justice” MATTERS even when others aren’t watching, e.g. compassion and love.

You can have a sense something is *wrong* and just not give a shit, which is not the world I seek.

Give a shit.
It IS the right thing to do.
It IS justice.
But it is also a character-defining true expression of love, respect, and compassion for others, including other humans.

Go vegan.

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Very Vegan 2016


2016 closing, 2017 soon to begin
Many indications the world is changing!
People are stocking cruelty-free kitchens
and vegan athletes are crushing competitions.
Places like Sea World are tanking, no pun,
people no longer viewing exploitation as fun.
New vegan products crowding out vile abuse on store shelves
When we take care of others we also take care of ourselves!
Many people aren’t buying the *products* of torment
Vegan sales have exploded by 1500%!!!
Ben and Jerry’s jumped in with some vegan ice cream,
and Tyson bought in to the Beyond Meat (vegan) team.
They can see all the sales, the shift in the spending
Google reports “vegan food” a top in the trending!
Hellmanns tried suing - a desperate last phase,
before losing the lawsuit and then made vegan mayonnaise!
One must mention Anita and the resulting case file,
in a master flip of the script they put cruelty on trial.
Vegan chili and cupcakes taking the prize,
and the word vegan on packages grown to quite a large size!
People worldwide have answered the call,
to discard their dissonance and apply their morals to all.
Every vegan helping make positive stride -
Thank you so much for letting your ethics decide
I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings our way.
If you are not vegan please go vegan today.

©Karyn Swaney

Sunday, December 25, 2016

I Have Nothing to Gain and Lots of Other Stuff I'd Like to Do

Vegans get no personal gain from talking to others about veganism. Vegans simply understand their obligation to speak out against atrocity and injustice. Vegans are fighting a very powerful industry who is dependent on the consumer continuing to exploit others for no physical necessity. As long as people financially fund these appalling practices they will continue. Conversely, if people change how they spend their money a massive amount of suffering could be alleviated and we would be rewarded with improved health and a cleaner planet.

If you are not vegan please go vegan today.

Propaganda and Lies

This picture is a poignant depiction of the lie consumers allow themselves to believe and the mass propaganda being distributed…propaganda that is meant to shut down the consumer brain so they continue to be the primary reason there is ongoing needless horrific abuse and exploitation of animals.

Nonvegans are incredibly and appallingly cruel to intelligent and sensitive animals every day but are unable to *see* clearly and therefore they don’t accept responsibility for their actions.

Vegans are fighting a very (very) powerful industry who is dependent on the consumer continuing to choose to hurt animals and decimate their own ecosystems. An industry who is currently allowed to blatantly lie and skew reality. An industry who OWNS the media most people listen to. An industry that names their products things like “Laughing Cow” to insidiously perpetuate a huge consumer misconception about the animals they are (ab)using.

If you are not vegan please go vegan today. Please stop inflicting such atrocious violence and suffering upon other innocent earthlings.

Find out about veganism here

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Anything Except the Most Important Thing?

“You look lost in thought, anything I can do to help?”

(hesitates) “People who exploit and hurt animals for sheer personal pleasure…I feel morally obligated to speak up and stand against such horrible injustice, so I was just sitting here working out some thoughts on how to effectively help.”

“I am soooooo with you! How anyone could hurt an animal?!?! I love animals sooooo much!!!! How can I help?”

“Well… you could act the way you say you believe and you could live vegan.”


- - - - - - - - - - -
(Going vegan is simply about taking personal responsibility for our actions and living in alignment with the morals people already claim to HAVE.)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ditch the Dairy; Dairy is Cruelty

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please live vegan.

What Kind of Person Are You?

“Forget the pig is an animal - treat him just like a machine in a factory.”
~ Hog Farm Management magazine

“The breeding sow should be thought of, and treated as, a valuable piece of machinery whose function is to pump out baby pigs like a sausage machine.”
~ National Hog Farmer

“So our animals can’t turn around for the 2.5 years that they are in the stalls producing piglets. I don’t know who asked the sow if she wanted to turn around.”
~ the spokesman for the National Pork Producers Council in a National Journal interview

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anyone who convinces themselves they can be humane and continue to eat animals is seriously fooling themselves. Treating living beings as objects. Utterly disgraceful.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reactions to Veganism

With rare exception there are two general reactions from the majority of nonvegans when presented with information about veganism and animal exploitation.

REACTION 1) Feels societally justified so probably finds at least some of my words insulting. Likely feels defensive and uncomfortable. Denies the truth and has no intention of actually checking any facts or doing any research. Decides to close their mind and stay with societal groupthink so dismisses my words and goes on with their life as usual, willfully ignoring their terrible behavior, sometimes choosing to instead be uncomfortable around me.

REACTION 2) At least initially probably feels some societal justification, may or may not find my words a little insulting (I do understand being told behavior is morally repulsive is not a pleasant thing to be told, albeit the truth). Might feel defensive, maybe even uncomfortable. Decides to *see* for themselves so they can make informed decisions about their personal ethics and boundaries. Does some research, which leads to many “holy shit” moments, often with feelings of being sickened and sorry for what you unknowingly participated in for so long. Changes their daily choices to reflect their life values.

I’ll give you one guess as to which reaction I had… ;)

Does anyone actually BELIEVE that ‘reaction 1’ is an appropriate reaction for ANYTHING?
I happen to think that making informed ethical decisions about my behavior actually MATTERS.
:) :) <3 <3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Open your eyes, be open to new knowledge. I understand when someone questions everything you’ve been conditioned to believe your entire life, you’re going to meet it with ignorance and hostility, just like I did. Believe me, when veganism was brought to my attention…I met it with ignorance and hostility, because you’re essentially telling me the way I live my life is wrong, and I’m not having that shit, my ego won’t have that shit! But, the point is, it is wrong.”
~ Jordan David

you can catch one of his videos here:

Please Define "Normal"???

I am not an unkind person. With rare exception people who know me IRL would not call me unkind. I do try to be straightforward. Yes, sometimes blunt. Personally, I value honesty, even brutal honesty.  But I say nothing with the intent of being hurtful, and in general, unless one is hurting someone else I say nothing at all. But when you harm another in my presence? Be it ANY species (humans included), I have LONG been known as ‘the guy who steps in’.

Ever seen that show, “What would you do?” When a SCARY percentage of people do NOTHING? Yeah, that is NOT ME.

So please DO NOT EXPECT me to sit by and be quiet when something is being done of such injustice, of such horrific barbarism that I cannot believe I even sit next to a person or speak with any human on this entire Earth who is capable of such atrocity. Willful ignorance does not excuse such abhorrent deplorable depravity and systematic destruction of so much life, including that of our Earth itself. Oh no, it does not excuse what they are doing, and forcing us to be a part of.

This does not mean I do not love or like people who are nonvegan individually, but most vegans deal with some very conflicting emotions at times. We meet *nice* people all the time who are destroying everything we love. We *love* people who are pillaging the very beings and ecosystems we are trying to preserve. And they flat-out refuse to know. So it is admittedly hard not to look at them differently, to think of them differently.

I lack the ability to effectively understand them and what drives such a strong addiction to rotten flesh and pus drinks, or their animal-torture coat, or their love for the beaten-into-submission circus animals, etc. Such trivial and unnecessary *items*! At such a COST to others. But societal groupthink is so strong, that this triviality is seen to them as life-or-death *items* (which is ironic, since the true “life-or-death” is actually in reverse).

Such a strange world, now that I can view it a little more clearly - living in peace is seen as *extreme* but living covered in the blood of tortured and sexually assaulted animals, grieving mothers, dead babies, and enslaved animals is considered quite *normal*.

(Though this is changing, the word *vegan* is EVERYWHERE now! Thank you to so many who are working tirelessly to make the world a better place for all of us and to bring awareness to the masses, I sooooo appreciate you all!!!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Weight of it All

I never knew I was covered in the blood and suffering of animals, or that it weighed so much.


Vegan is Peace

I'm vegan because I opened my eyes and took responsibility for *seeing* the effects of my actions and I quickly came to understand the simple and obvious truth - it is morally reprehensible to not be vegan.

It is abhorrent. Appalling. Horrific. Nonvegans know it too, which is why they pay some psychopath to abuse, exploit, and kill vulnerable they don't have to *see* for themselves.

I could not live with myself knowing what nonvegans cause if I did not live vegan. Just could not live with myself.

I have heard the screams, I have seen them choking on their blood after their throat was sliced...I have seen the gore spattered everywhere, I have watched them struggle for life and seen the terror and/or pain in their eyes.

I am not like that. I wouldn't do that. I am not that kind of person.

I LOVE living vegan.

Vegan is peace - both internally and globally.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

There is a Difference between Being Vegan and Plant-Based #3!

*Plant-based* does not mean *vegan* although vegans consume only plant-based foods and products. But they are not the same! If I use the words *plant-based* I am referring only to food and diet – the science of nutrition and health - and I am careful to try to avoid the word *vegan* in these posts/discussions as it is NOT the same.

Plant-based diets are conclusively proven to be the healthiest diet possible with medical benefit beyond compare…but people who seek purely the health benefits are living plant-based. One is not vegan for their own health.

Plant-based diets are also the least resource-intensive, ecologically sustainable way of eating possible…people who seek merely the environmental benefit are simply that - environmentalists (you can’t possibly call yourself an environmentalist if you eat animal products).

But when I use the word *vegan* it is in reference to our ethical/moral nature. Veganism holds a much deeper significance and meaning well beyond what we eat.

Ironically, though the terms *plant-based* and *vegan* are different, both carry an amazing amount of positive energy and both completely solve or ease many of the global issues we are faced with.

All people can start to make the world better right this very second, for all species including their own family! Go vegan and behave in accordance with the morals we already hold, and eat/live plant-based for what is statistically the longest life span with the least disease and most beneficial to our planet.

The word that comes to mind is “alignment” - how ALL available science in such a wide range of issues all basically comes to the same conclusion – the same SOLUTION – is truly awe-inspiring.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Understand the Before, But I Cannot Understand One Who Doesn't Change

I understand you didn’t know. I exploited animals in a variety of ways for many years and I never even thought about it. Then someone told me the truth…they told me I was causing others to suffer immensely.

I wanted them to be wrong, but when I looked for the facts I found out they were right, and it was far worse than any words I could ever write. I was horrified and I changed immediately. I could not possibly call myself ethical, decent, or humane if I hadn’t.

So, I understand you didn’t know. I didn’t either. But now I am telling you. If you are not vegan your actions cause tremendous suffering to others and is inhumane and inexcusable.

Now you know. How we choose to behave from that moment forward deeply defines our character.

If you are not vegan please go vegan today.

Find out about veganism here

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ending Discrimination In ALL Forms

Do you like all people? Or only some people? I mean, do you dislike Asian people? Or Mexican people? How about Jewish people? The Irish? Do you think it is OK to discriminate against anyone? No? Why? Because we recognize discrimination as wrong? That they have emotions/feelings and needs similar to our own regardless of irrelevant characteristics?

Do you like all animals? Or only some animals? I mean, do you dislike cows? Or pigs? How about cats? Dogs? Do you think it is OK to discriminate against anyone? No? Why? Because we recognize discrimination as wrong? That they have emotions/feelings and needs similar to our own regardless of irrelevant characteristics?


*Decent* people will be completely opposed to the discrimination in the first sentence, but will hug their dog and cat tight while they dispute the validity of the second sentence, albeit identical.

Please learn to recognize personal bias. Help stop unnecessary violence and discrimination.

If you are not vegan please go vegan today.

The only difference is your perception.

Choose Vegan

The only one who benefits from the *humane* label is the consumer who willingly accepts this obvious and outrageous lie to soothe their conscience. People will not - they cannot - watch slaughter because they know it is violent, bloody, horrific, barbaric - they cannot bear to know of how hard they fight for their life, the terror in their eyes, their cries and screams - but then will turn around and insist on their decency and humaneness.

It cannot be both. If you are not vegan please be brave and strong and make yourself take responsibility for your actions. SEE what you do to others. It is a stain on your humanity and decency to look the other way while causing such horror.

Be violent and cause tremendous suffering or be vegan.

Please choose vegan

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Being Humane

This is the *farming* of today. Please do not believe the lie of ‘humane’ slaughter or exploitation *NO MATTER WHERE* you buy your exploitation from, because that is like believing in unicorns – it simply does not exist.

ALL industries that exploit animals utilize common practices that are horrific to animals and perpetuate the exploitation. When it comes to eating animals most people can’t bring themselves to watch a video of slaughter even at its most *humane* (doesn’t exist), so how can they claim to be in favor of it? Even go so far as to defend and support it? All while knowing they would be horrified to watch and certainly unlikely to directly participate?

It is impossible in our modern society to eat, wear, and/or exploit animals and live a humane life. It is simply impossible. If one says they are opposed to causing animals to suffer or abusing animals then they need to stop abusing them and causing them to suffer. It is that simple. Otherwise the words are empty.

If you are not vegan please go vegan immediately. Vegans have nothing to gain other than the terrible knowledge of what nonvegans are doing to others - what most of us once participated in without a second thought. When we became aware of the suffering, the depravity, the devastation we were inflicting we made different choices. You can make different choices too. You can stop this. Help us stop exploitation by making some simple but incredibly meaningful life changes.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rescue. Adopt. Foster.

Many years ago I worked at an animal shelter/animal hospital as a vet tech. We had a 'quarantine' ward where the sick animals were housed. We would put on personal protective equipment including gowns to treat the animals in that room. This one little sick, bleary-eyed cat who had been taken from a severe situation (in ‘quarantine’ because she had URI and FIV) would always try to hide in my gown and make herself disappear, she was so scared and so shy.

One day I was working when one of the veterinarians came in and requested assistance. It was *time* she said. I dutifully followed her into quarantine. Then it hit me.

I looked at this sick, sweet, shy cat...hiding in her box, scared and alone. She was dying, the vet assured me. I looked again. She certainly looked like she was slowly dying…

At that time I had no cats and wasn't really looking to adopt one, especially one in her condition. I thought I should just let her suffering end. I had only a matter of seconds and my brain was going in a thousand directions. This poor little cat was utterly pathetic and had certainly been through a lot of trauma (had come to us from a law enforcement situation)…

She came home with me that day. They couldn’t keep her and I couldn’t let her go. I decided to provide *kitty hospice* for her and let her die in a warm and loving home. She ate very little for the first 2 weeks but seemed comfortable (I wouldn’t just let her suffer), and she hid in the farthest room away from us under a table…but her eyes were a little brighter each day. We spent hours lying on the floor with our arm extended under the table just to touch her, reassure her, and give her treats. It took a really long time before she began to trust us…

But each day, she didn’t die. Each day, she made another gain. As the days passed she came to the full realization she had been rescued. The look in her face changed completely. The love she looked at us with is beyond anything I have experienced before nor since. I love ALL my rescues, I love ALL my babies…but the connection I made with this one little sick cat is unlikely to ever be replicated.

Ultimately she went in to kidney failure and we lost her. While she was here we were given boundless “thank-you kisses” and love. She lived for about 2 years after finally coming *home*. She changed my life.

She also helped save several cats since that time, as I could not ever imagine a house without a cat(s) again. I miss my little ‘Papooska’ so much (came to me named Sissy).

Admittedly when I lost ‘Papooska’ I wanted to replace her. Yup, I said that right. I wanted another Papooska. I wanted that exact same connection. Even though my reasonable brain should know better (I did say this was a long time ago!).

I checked some rescue sites and even came across another cat with FIV. I *jumped* on him and brought him home as soon as I could arrange.

lol anyone with pets, especially adult rescues (there are plenty of puppy and kitten rescues if for some odd reason a puppy or kitten is a MUST), knows what happened…lol. As said, I am not sure what I was thinking other than the devastating loss of my *child* who I grieved so desperately for. I wanted her to come back.

So home comes Beau, somewhere in the ballpark of 7 years old. He ultimately came to be known as Mr. Bobo Sillypants lol. He was NOT Papooska! He was fiercely independent, he had been found outside in rough shape and he was used to being on his own. He was loving in his own way, and he identified my husband as *his* person. He cried incessantly to go out, so we finally bought a Chihuahua collar and leash and began walking him once each day (amidst many neighbor comments!!!). No matter the weather, Mr. Bobo expected his walk and daily tree scratching. He was charming and strong and he helped our next adoption (Baby Girl) become brave and strong too. We lost Mr. Bobo in 2014.

‘Baby Girl’ (AKA Jet) is now an old lady. Born outside, trapped and rescued by a wonderful human as a feral at only a few months old. She LOVED our dog right from the get-go lol – so weird. She would head butt the dog and purr but we couldn’t get anywhere near her for a bit. Beau was her guide and helped her feel safe. Slowly she acclimated and allowed love and chin scratches but would hide if there were any ‘strangers’ around (and she still does!). Last year - after having her here for about 11 YEARS – she climbed up and sat in my lap for the very first time! Apparently, she had to REALLY make sure I was trustworthy lol! Now she will sit in my lap a few times per week for a few minutes for rubs, and twice she even forgot herself and took a short nap.

They are all so different and we have to appreciate their individuality. Too many animals I have seen surrendered because they did not fit what the adopter wanted them to be, or what they expected them to be.

Lucy (AKA Weegie) is a good example. She is another one of our current fur babies. She came to us after her human guardian died. She had then been adopted someone who had expectations of how her cats should behave and she wanted a cat to cuddle. This cat was not supposed to have her own personality, she were supposed to be a cuddle kitty. Unfortunately this kitty did not so much appreciate the idea of cuddling! She was about to be dumped off in a shelter and was not in a happy situation (isolated in a back room while she found another kitty to cuddle) when someone reached out to us. It is now 3 years later and Weegie still does not appreciate cuddling though does allow cautious belly rubs - in the bathroom only - between the approximate hours of 8-10am and again between 5-7pm… lmao…cats, right?

I could go on, I have lots of animal stories. But this was about my Sissy girl. The cat who changed my life. Had I not rescued her I would not know that incredibly unique bond that feels likely to be once-in-a-lifetime. This is not a commentary on loving any of my other rescues less because that is simply not so. But many more will have a safe, loving home and our protection because of that special, sick, little bleary-eyed cat who captured my heart. And no matter *who* they are, I will always let them be whoever they want to be. They are certainly not on this planet to serve me.

Rescue. Adopt. Foster. Never buy from pet stores or breeders. Pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds are available for rescue. Please make the extra effort and save lives. We can stop the incessant killing if we stop the incessant for-profit breeding that hurts animals in so many ways (mills, inbreeding, severe health issues, rape racks, overpopulation, physical ailments and mutation due to breed-specific desirable characteristics, etc., etc., etc.). I have seen it for myself. I have seen the deceptive pictures a breeder will paint to sell an animal, and I have seen the reality - which is always tragic and terrible for the animals.

Provide them a safe home. Protect them. Please do not impose expectations, standards, or anthropomorphize who they should be. Revel in their uniqueness. Understand that they are not as *adjustable* as people believe, especially for older animals. Many ARE loving and immediately outgoing and friendly, but for others it can take many years to fully understand that they are safe and loved and have found their way HOME. Rehoming them during this process only causes them more emotional trauma, so please take your commitment seriously no matter how long it takes. Remember - it took 11 YEARS before Baby Girl climbed in my lap - but when she did? The feeling was simply indescribable for me. And it probably was for her, too.

I love my cuddle-bug babies, but my often temperamental little Lucy Weegie is loved equally at our house (I have been known to call her Lucy-fur [e.g. Luc-i-fer lol]).

I miss you my little Papooska…every day I still miss you so much. I love you and thank you.

Rescue. Adopt. Foster.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Unhappy Vegans

For some reason nonvegans often accuse vegans of being “angry” or “negative” or even “unhappy.”

These accusations seem to be more of a reflection of their own thoughts, because I know a tremendous amount of people who are both vegan and nonvegan, and vegans are (as a general statement) a pretty damn happy and optimistic bunch!

Nonvegans are possibly misunderstanding our feelings... Because vegans don’t hide from the truth anymore we are able to openly discuss and share, even when these conversations or topics may be uncomfortable truths for the nonvegans who would rather look away and transfer their discomfort. Sharing and being aware and open to information does NOT make us unhappy…quite the opposite! I can safely say that most (possibly all?) of us feel this deeper sense of understanding that is really meaningful and inspiring, and we are incredibly grateful. We also frequently wonder how nonvegans can continue to pretend that they don’t *see* or that they are somehow not responsible.

So, no - we are not “angry” or “negative” or “unhappy” – we just openly talk and share about the terrible reality nonvegans cause but often refuse to face - and any accusations of these terms are likely just a mirror of the nonvegans uncomfortable feelings towards having to confront their own actions – the crimes they perpetrate on others.

Being vegan has only enhanced how happy and life-satisfied I am and there has been many amazing and positive effects on me - in so many ways that it would take pages to attempt to describe. I LOVE living vegan, as do the growing numbers of vegans across the world. I am so glad I changed and I am NEVER going back.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Question 3 MA 11.8.16

Question 3 passed in MA so animals can continue to be abused, mutilated, exploited and/or chopped into little pieces under generally the EXACT SAME conditions as prior EXCEPT now the consumer believes we are *humane* in our abusing and killing and therefore they will pay more for it. A BIG win for animal abuse and exploitation, and an ongoing dumbing-down of the consumer who is quite happy to remain perpetually ignorant to the truth and to be further duped into the magical unicorn of "humane meat and eggs".

Meanwhile there is absolutely no biologic need to do so but simply because we *feel like it*
It was actually a trick question, but I am sure many MA voters are feeling really good about a win *for the animals* (??????)

Such a pervasive *illness* of society...when we could just stop behaving as barbarians.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Country of Origin, Cruelty of Origin

Our diet is mostly country of origin and not on rational thinking. Do the people who call vegans *extreme* realize they would happily be eating dogs if they were raised in another country and they’d be defending their "personal choice" to butcher dogs while being upset with vegans for pointing out it was completely unnecessary to hurt them?

(they don't make any sense but they don't even know they don't make sense and they don't even see how ridiculous that is and I have no idea how to tell them in a way that would understand just how obviously insane their behavior is but damn read what I just wrote above how in the hell is that not obvious how is it possible not to see rational thinking when it is presented to you why in the hell do they avoid thinking reasonably and objectively based on some really bizarre twisted addictions particularly to eating slowly rotting animal flesh and consuming breast milk omg would they drink dog milk or giraffe milk such distortion of what is acceptable someone once told me who to care about and who to kill and exploit and I accepted that as OK when in fact it wasn't OK with me at all what they hell was i thinking for so long they would be killing and eating dogs and clearly I would have too but now I'm awake and I know there is no difference...)

Vegan because it is clearly just the right thing to do. I love my dog and I would never harm her...make the connection. 

My sweet pit bull Taaja

If I Had the Right Words Would You Stop?

Many times I have wondered if there are any adequate words to brilliantly summarize the reasons people should stop turning their backs on the suffering they cause. I am simply unable to come up with anything so amazing and motivating that awakens people to the depravity they are supporting and causes them to decide to stop.

When I realized I didn’t have to kill or exploit anyone to live a happy and healthy life, I welcomed this concept. It seemed absurd I had continued on such a violent and ignorant path for so long (more than 30 years of my life).

I knew I had to tell the others about the horror…the many people I knew who “loved animals” just like I did. The people who were decent and kind – they would NEVER willingly participate in such atrocity - surely they would want to know!

I thought all we had to do was tell them…

Needless to say, I was a bit na├»ve! I was SHOCKED to find out that other people preferred to look away – to willingly turn their backs – it was SHOCKING. Many chose to instead become angry or defiant with me for even trying to talk to them!

Hubby and I have been vegan about 10 years now. It can be hard to look at the world as I sometimes now see it. Many of the people I meet who I sincerely want to believe are decent and kind so easily turn their backs and willingly support the worst forms of abuse and exploitation of other gentle beings. I cannot relate to that person any more than I can relate to someone who abuses dogs, cats, children, etc.

Without *seeing* the truth – without thinking for myself - I could never have imagined how absolutely ghastly these *industries* are. Any *industry* that exploits animals guards dark secrets – ‘routine industry practices’ - that would sicken and seriously disturb all but the most violent and twisted psychopaths.

And the truth is right there, for anyone who cares to find it. They may not put it on the advertisements, but in the age of internet the reality is literally right at our fingertips. Still many choose not to *see* and thus the violence they perpetrate continues. It is both maddening and utterly perplexing.

I see *nice* people whose actions are much worse than the worst horror film I have ever seen. I also see who they believe they are, the definite goodness and decency they have within. I sincerely want them to truly be that person. I believe in them. No matter how long we have managed to deceive ourselves there is always the potential for that one day…that moment of clarity.

Every day I go out into this world of people – people who try to help others, people who rescue stray dogs and cats, people who give to charity, people who share cute animal videos - and I see what the millions of exploited animals surely see – a world full of violent monsters masquerading as peaceful “animal-loving” people.

I completely understand how it is possible to spend a long period of life and not even once really think about the many ways we unnecessarily exploit animals. What I could NEVER understand is someone who is given this critical character-defining information and continues to choose to look the other way based on a perceived minor inconvenience or fear of change. No matter how hard you perceive change is (it isn’t actually very hard), I assure you what you are putting our fellow Earthlings through is MUCH worse.

I have never stopped believing in people and I never will. It only takes that one moment of clarity and the willingness to take responsibility for our choices. And willful ignorance does not absolve their abhorrent actions.

End speciesism.
Be Kind.
Empathy. Ethics. Justice.
Vegan for life.

Not. One. Moment.

Anyone who says these pictures are the same is untruthful. It is that simple. We know in our hearts it is not the same. When we look we know it is not the same. If you are not vegan - please take personal responsibility for the suffering you are inflicting. We know this is not right. We know in a quick glance that the photo on the right is appalling.

We can blame the truck driver, or the slaughterhouse, or the *farmer* who profits from the suffering, but if you are not vegan then you are truly the one who is culpable. A direct supply your hard-earned money to the most vicious criminal activity and animal abuse – actions so horrific we would put you in jail if done to dogs or cats.

How deeply are you entrenched? Are you able to believe that they do not suffer the same or that your actions do not directly lead to this perpetration of violence? Do our morals REALLY allow this? Or are many people just so suffocated by this utterly contradictory societal thinking that would have them eating dogs if raised elsewhere? Have they completely lost their ability to determine right from wrong? Because I think it is obvious.

Do they not feel pain? Do they not suffer? Are they not suffering and in pain in this photo? I believe they are. Do you think there is suffering in the photo on the left?

I also believe they are terrified. I know they probably have not been offered food or water for some time. I know they are about to be violently assaulted. And I know they will never be shown one iota of mercy. Not just by the truck driver, or the *farmer*, or the slaughterhouse – we already know they will not show mercy – but also by the nonvegans...the ones who perpetuate the horror – the ones who pay them to abuse and exploit the most vulnerable among us.

I have been vegan a long time now. I will NEVER live one moment of my life again as a nonvegan again.
Not. One. Moment.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Instinct to Help, We Have No Instinct to Harm

This butterfly drew my attention when s/he appeared to be stuck on a flower and was fluttering madly to break free. Immediately I jumped to action and headed over to help. Within a few seconds, and before I even got there, s/he had freed themselves and flew to another flower nearby.

First I looked at the flower s/he got caught on – wondering what was there that could have trapped such a large butterfly. Seeing nothing and still wondering what had happened, I headed over to check on the butterfly. That is when I noticed the injury (the picture isn’t great, s/he insisted on being against the sunlight no matter how much I tried to get a better angle).

I wondered if losing part of his/her wing hurt – like humans get phantom pain or something - is that crazy? - not sure of the science on butterfly CNS. I assume s/he knows of their injury, as undoubtedly it is affecting their flight - and is surely the reason s/he got caught on a flower - from the irregular tatters of the posterior wing.

I watched this fascinating and beautiful earthling for a little while and I was relieved to see this determined critter continue to do what all sentient beings seek to do – simply LIVE.

As I watched, entertaining unrealistic wishes such as surgically repairing my little butterfly buddy, I also thought about the reaction of people I know. I think everybody I know would have done the same – had they seen a beautiful butterfly struggling - they would try to help, and if unable to help they would feel a bit bad for their helplessness.

But these same people often have trouble grasping vegan ethics, never realizing it is the exact same thing. The human(e) feeling all decent people have - the protective feeling we get when faced with a vulnerable, innocent being - the feeling we were taught to ignore, at least when it came to *certain* earthlings. How we were BEFORE we were taught it was *normal* to cause the suffering and death of *some* but not others.

Vegans just stopped ignoring the obvious – every single sentient earthling is a beautiful *butterfly*…

…if you wouldn’t harm the butterfly…???


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I am vegan because the readily-available SCIENCE demonstrates that raising animals for food is incredibly harmful and destructive to the planet I live on. 

I am vegan because I have learned the evidence-based SCIENTIFIC DATA of human anatomy and what is the most optimal form of ‘fuel’ for my species. 

I am vegan because I understand MATH – how tons of edible food and hundreds of gallons of water are wasted to make very small amounts of ‘animal protein’ – it merely takes MATH to easily demonstrate how much eating (or drinking) ‘animal protein’ contributes to global famine.

I am vegan because I have researched the FACTS about the massive amount of drugs used in raising animals for food, including antibiotics and steroids, putting our antibiotics at risk for all of mankind and producing ever-more dangerous ‘superbugs’, along with introducing unnecessary chemicals into my body. 

I am vegan because of all the SCIENTIFICALLY identified pathogens – the E. Coli, the Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, the resistant forms of microbes found in ‘animal protein’ and I realized that simply “cooking it enough” was just not a good option.

I am vegan because I saw for myself the FACTS of what happens when manure lagoons flood - what happens when all the farm run-off gets into my soil and water, the massive pollution that has resulted from raising animals for food, and the contamination of our ‘clean’ food.

I am vegan because I have seen the SCIENTIFIC DATA of the effect on our nature and wildlife and of the massive amount of wildlife that is killed off on an ongoing basis to make room for more grazing land, cropland (meant to feed more farm animals), or to protect ‘food animals.’

I am vegan because I understand the known FACTS that animal agriculture is the number one cause for loss of biodiversity, species extinction, global pollution, climate change, and deforestation. 

I am vegan because anything less than living vegan would be to cause harm, fear, distress, suffering, pain, and/or death to another sentient being who I fully understand in SCIENTIFIC terms is able to feel the exact same emotions I am able to feel.

But MOST OF ALL – MOST IMPORTANTLY - I am vegan because determining ‘right’ from ‘wrong’ is easy. Even if ALL AVAILABLE SCIENCE wasn’t on my side (WHICH IT IS), I would still be vegan…because it is simply the right thing to do. I understand myself and my values extremely well - animal abuse, global devastation, and the devastating effects on other humans is simply not within any moral guideline I was ever taught, and I believe our morals are defined by our actions and not by empty words.
(Still…though…I can’t help but be in awe at how perfectly it all seems to line up…the science, the values, the body. It truly does amaze me.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"To me it is deeply moving that the same food choices that give us the best chance to eliminate world hunger are also those that take the least toll on the environment, contribute the most to our long-term health, are the safest, and are also, far and away, the most compassionate towards our fellow creatures."
~ John Robbins

Here’s a list of some of the BAZILLIONS of articles out there…veganism is morals…but veganism is also supported by SCIENCE AND FACTS.

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Plant-Based Diets: a Prescription for Optimal Health

Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Water and Sunlight"

“She was going to live on water and sunlight"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Much like the ‘Everest Vegan’ (lol) the media likes to make a big demonstration of any *sick vegans* to perpetuate corporate propaganda. And nonvegans ‘eat it up’ as they continue to attempt to justify the unjustifiable. I'm seeing headlines about this (and occasionally others) ‘vegan’ mom whose ‘vegan diet’ caused her child to be malnourished. I had initially let the article go by and ignored it - as I am well aware of the millions of happy vegan babies and children in the world - but then someone *used* it in a feeble justification, and curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the article.

CAN WE ALL JUST READ THE LAST SENTENCE ON THE PICTURE PLEASE? Apparently the general public cannot differentiate between a vegan and someone with a severe eating disorder or psychiatric issue.

(Pssssttt…the sentence says: 
“She was going to live on water and sunlight,” Hawk’s sister-in-law Brandy Hawk recalled her saying, according to the news station.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

“Just to point something out before anyone else does.... if you choose to feed your baby nothing but nuts and berries, and only periodically, and they become malnourished, that doesn't make you a vegan it makes you a stupid parent, just like it would if you chose to feed them only cheese and the same thing happened...”
~ Mark Hibbitts

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This reminds me of a few years ago when a vegan blogger “quit veganism” for “health reasons”

This excerpt is from her blog, her own words:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

"I also started fearing a LOT of things when it came to food. Having grown up with a notoriously sensitive stomach, I already avoided wheat, fried foods, sauces, oil, flour of any type, some legumes and many grains. Then I started reading about raw foods, digestion, food combining, the space at which meals should be eaten apart from each other, and the dangers of even all-natural fructose. (And let’s not forget my bout with 80/10/10 raw veganism.)
I started living in a bubble of restriction. Entirely vegan, entirely plant-based, entirely gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, flour-free, dressing/sauce-free, etc. and lived my life based off of when I could and could not eat and what I could and could not combine. There is nothing wrong with any of those things (many of them are great, actually!!) but my body didn’t feel GOOD & I wasn’t listening to it. Does that sound crazy to you?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That person clearly also has an eating disorder. I am not trying to be offensive, but those words reflect someone who needs more guidance than what yet another diet book can provide.
So here is the obvious – eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes and across many varieties of people. A huge majority of people are misled on nutrition and not seeking or given reliable support and information. 

A huge number of babies and children are raised vegan (plant-based) without issue, but that story doesn’t serve well with a population who has persistent lust for flesh-feeding and secretion-sucking and is seeking ongoing justification for their barbarism. No, a sick vegan garners much more attention and joyous shrieking amongst the carnists for sure. People are only shown slivers of truth that leads to an overall continued gross ignorance.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Simple Request?

It is our responsibility to put an end to this. It is our responsibility to tell people we will no longer allow this in our lives. To tell them to stop. We MUST stop the horror. We cannot allow such atrocity to continue.

Most vegans live with the knowledge of some pretty hurtful and harrowing truths. Most find a way to deal with it and actually live a happier and more fulfilled existence having become vegan. But being surrounded by the corpses and secretions of suffering animals can be very disturbing.

Many vegans will tolerate this often-distressing situation for valid reasons such as vegan outreach, the love of family, socialization, etc. While no one is saying there is anything wrong with that, it is unclear as to why my moral discomfort is less valid than their minor inconvenience? In thinking outside the realm of societal groupthink, why would asking someone to refrain from needlessly harming animals in my presence be considered anything but a totally reasonable request?

Even if those who say they love me claim to care about nothing else, shouldn’t they at least care about hurting me? And if they don’t, what does that say about what kind of person they are or about how much I really matter to them?

go vegan

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ignorance, Apathy, or Vegan?

The first time I ever recall hearing the word “vegan” I had one immediate thought…with no real information and little supporting evidence my immediate thought – No, my immediate KNOWLEDGE – was, “They are right.”

I knew it in an instant. It wasn’t “Maybe they are right,” or “I supposed it is possible they are right.” Nope. Immediately I knew. I seriously can’t believe others don’t. I hold my dog with love and recognize her uniqueness, I would never harm her any more than I would harm a human baby. I cannot believe I ever thought anyone else would be any different…Of course they aren’t!!!

I lived so long somehow easily omitting a blatant and obvious truth from myself because I went along with society blindly - while always believing I was of independent mind!

I was wrong. There was so much I didn’t understand, and so much I did that went unquestioned simply out of conformity.

Many people know me and think (in general) good things about me (not everyone of course, but IRL I think it safe to say most people like me ;) ). Some who know I am vegan surely think this is just a small *fault* in my thinking despite my acknowledged competence and overall-consistent happy outlook. They are so deeply entrenched in groupthink that it is never even contemplated that it is them who isn’t seeing the *whole picture.*

People intake their dead flesh or pus-filled breast milk and talk about health, their children, etc., often while feeling a bit righteous (“I’m gonna eat what I want”) sitting next to the vegan. The vegan sits there and wonders if they are ignorant or just apathetic. It is one or the other, because once you know the facts it is unjustifiable in every sense our being to not live vegan. People will go to great lengths to defend something they do not fully understand and insist that the well-informed vegan is the one who is not thinking correctly.

Nonviolence. Justice. Compassion. Helps ALL fellow earthlings. Immediate improvements for the environment. Sustainability. Health. Joy. Love. Ease suffering. Clean water, land, and air. A clear choice with only positive and beneficial results…while nonvegan choices lead to nothing but disease and death for all beings and even our planet.

There is no justifiable reason to not live vegan.

Yes, vegans know the truth. Nonvegans would know too if they only allowed themselves to wake up to the facts.

It boils down to 3 choices.
Ignorance, apathy, or vegan? I know which one I am.



Medicate to Death


“I am sorry to tell you, you have a disease.
We will put you on treatment, with no guarantees.”

“Radiation initially, we will do every day,
and then possibly chemo, if things go our way.”

The first few not so bad – “You are doing great!”
But skin burning a bit, area starting to ache.

“Go buy this lotion, and to help ease your pain,
we will give you some Oxy – we must be humane!”

Week number three – “You are feeling a mess?”
"Managing this? Yes, I’m under some stress.”

“Here’s a prescription for Ativan to help calm your mind,
and you should take these laxatives to ease your behind.”

“We need more blood work, we need a PET scan -
we must start chemo as soon as we possibly can.”

The Port is inserted and the cycles begun
Your body toxic from this *medication*

“Now you’re feeling depressed and stomach upset?
Prilosec you must take to avoid GI distress.”

“This prescription for Celexa will ease your depression,
and some as needed Zofran to use at your discretion.”

More time passes, not feeling much better
But following instructions, right down to the letter.

“Pervasive malaise, losing weight and dry heaves?
We can put you on steroids to ease the disease.”

“The assistant reported your BP was high,
we will give you metoprolol or else you may die.”

“And the lab has determined your cholesterol is elevated,
so you will also take Lipitor to help keep it abated.”

Hair falling out and often feeling quit ill
Try to cope daily and can’t pay the bills

“But you are alive - isn’t that all that matters?”
But such a life of poor quality - all that’s loved is in tatters?!?!?

“We have more medications to quell the effects,
symptom control is really all to expect.”

“I am concerned for your low Vitamin D,
you must take every day - get at pharmacy!”

“Also buy calcium to prevent bones too thin,
and just for good measure grab a multivitamin.”

“Such a good job doing all as advised!”
But inevitably, more problems arise

A fall, an infection, shortness of breath, or a cold
A slow downward path as disease keeps its hold

“What did you expect as your condition advanced?
Quality and comfort? There’s a very slim chance.”

“Prolonging your life is the best we can do
So here is your flu shot – you don’t want the flu!”

Dizzy and tired, more infections, depressed?
“We will write more prescriptions and get this addressed.”

“This med is called Meclizine, dizziness what it is for,
and we’ll increase your Celexa just a little bit more.”

“The infection you have Macrobid will correct,
and buy some B vitamins to pep up your step.”

“We’ll give you something for your shortness of breath,
Lasix every day may help prevent death.”

“You are having trouble sleeping again?
No problem at all, I’ll refill your Ambien.”

“Now feeling forgetful and a little confused?
We’ll get you on Aricept, we’ve got nothing to lose.”

Life centered on doctors, disease, medications to measure
Gone are the days when life was a pleasure

And slowly it goes, onward to death’s door
A life that was taken a VERY long time before

And then at the funeral – “Such a wonderful soul.”
“The disease too aggressive, we just could not control.”

(And BTW, she died faithfully taking her Lipitor every day, believing in the medical profession…until she couldn’t anymore.)

We will likely be known for our lack of responsibility in the understanding of nutrition; for our inability to teach others the choices available to potentially achieve true health and quality of life. Much like the ridicule of former health professionals who promoted smoking cigarettes based on propaganda, our lack of education in nutrition, our lack of knowledge on the agricultural and environmental effect on the health of all beings, and our dedication to - and promotion of - Big Pharma will all be an embarrassing *incident* in the future of medicine.

Medical professionals need to take responsibility for continuing and enhancing their sparse-in-some-areas education. We are culpable for the harm we cause.

My sincere "Thank You" to the many health care providers working so hard to bring change. Your influence is being felt in the industry daily.