Saturday, December 30, 2017


Another year ending, a new one soon to begin.
So many signs that the world is changing!

More people aware animal slavery a disgrace.
Many investors buying in to all things plant-based.

They can see all the sales, the shift in the spending.
All search reports “vegan” a top in the trending!

Vegan food everywhere taking the prize.
And the word “vegan” on packages steadily growing in size!

Many now stocking cruelty-free kitchens.
And vegan athletics crushing competitions!

New vegan products crowding out vile abuse on store shelves.
When we take care of others we also take care of ourselves!

People worldwide are answering the call;
to discard their dissonance and apply their morals to all.

Every vegan helping make positive stride;
Thank you SO MUCH for letting your ethics decide.

Vegans - please be happy, don’t let the world get you down;
you are part of the future so turn your frown right around!

You are making a difference, there is no debate,
Don’t feel down on yourself when there are some filled with hate.

If you ever feel sad, or your spirit is tiring,
I want you to know – I find all of you inspiring!

And as ‘vegan’ explodes every way that I turn;
I am more grateful each day for all that I’ve learned.

People are seeing ‘vegan’ for all that it is;
Both fulfilling and ethical, a great way to live!

I am excited for what 2018 brings our way…
If you are not vegan please go vegan TODAY.

And to those who are vegan - I hold you all dear.
I wish everyone ALL THE BEST and a most HAPPY NEW YEAR!

©Karyn Swaney