Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vegan at Heart

No moral human believes in causing the suffering of the innocent, destroying our ecosystems, causing illness in others, in promoting global collapse, or taking the last bit of food from fellow earthlings who are hungry. No one thinks it is ethical to withhold information so people will be sick and die prematurely from both preventable and once-treatable diseases. No decent human believes it is moral to not treat the sick, or to profit from their misfortune. No decent human believes their rivers, food, land, and water supply should be full of shit and utterly contaminated. No one thinks it is OK to hurt an animal unnecessarily. No person with any amount of empathy, love, or compassion can watch an animal suffer and not be disturbed. Most of us think people who kill animals just ‘for the fun of it’ or sheer pleasure have psychiatric issues.

But decent people use their hard-earned money to fund almost every single issue they will say aloud they are against. Mindlessly, programmed to not think for themselves, they hand over their support to unethical, wasteful, polluting, cruel, inhumane, manipulative liars. People will feel good doing something for charity, but the reality is, in a sense, everything they buy is *charity* is some form or another, and what you buy you support.

You can’t be angry about war while funding violence. You can’t be upset there are so many poor when you take their food. You can’t be against abusing or assaulting children or animals while you fund their exploitation, torture, and death. Most people just don’t realize how their actions are harming all of us, while doing great harm to their personal integrity.

Most are not bad people, they have been conditioned to shut that part of their brain down, which is exactly the part that makes *them* fear you. They are afraid you will start thinking for yourself. That you will recognize that even the small things make you complicit in a system that is rigged, harmful to all species on Earth, and plainly immoral. They fear you will wake to the fact that we were fooled. Fooled into believing this mad world of promoting the most horrific of inhumanity and the worst global catastrophes we could possible muster for their profit and to keep you a slave.

We are selling out our values every day, and we don’t realize it. We are selling out every one and every thing we care about. If you looked, if you knew, if you understood, you’d be vegan. The entire world would be vegan. Veganism is what we all believe in when it comes to our morals, when you can clear the confusion and get straight to the real message.

The person I was for the first 35 years of my life didn’t know better. I didn’t understand I was committing such crimes against my own ethics. My morals were clear, but my thought processes and dissonance hadn’t caught up with me yet. I live grateful that I saw through the lies and took a stand for who I REALLY am.

For you to be *against* veganism makes you *for* death, hate, disease, discrimination, suffering, assault, violence, destruction, pollution, depletion, and immorality. Are you REALLY *for* those things?

I speak only the truth, and I do not embellish or distort. All moral humans have vegan ethics. Humans must start taking responsibility for what they say they believe, for what they say they want for the world, and for who they think they are versus how they behave. It is within our hands. All they have to do is allow themselves to *see*. They don’t have to listen to me – the evidence is all around them, all they have to do is open their eyes and heart wide enough to reawaken the wonderful people they were born to be.

ALL decent humans are vegan at heart.