Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ignorance, Apathy, or Vegan?

The first time I ever recall hearing the word “vegan” I had one immediate thought…with no real information and little supporting evidence my immediate thought – No, my immediate KNOWLEDGE – was, “They are right.”

I knew it in an instant. It wasn’t “Maybe they are right,” or “I supposed it is possible they are right.” Nope. Immediately I knew. I seriously can’t believe others don’t. I hold my dog with love and recognize her uniqueness, I would never harm her any more than I would harm a human baby. I cannot believe I ever thought anyone else would be any different…Of course they aren’t!!!

I lived so long somehow easily omitting a blatant and obvious truth from myself because I went along with society blindly - while always believing I was of independent mind!

I was wrong. There was so much I didn’t understand, and so much I did that went unquestioned simply out of conformity.

Many people know me and think (in general) good things about me (not everyone of course, but IRL I think it safe to say most people like me ;) ). Some who know I am vegan surely think this is just a small *fault* in my thinking despite my acknowledged competence and overall-consistent happy outlook. They are so deeply entrenched in groupthink that it is never even contemplated that it is them who isn’t seeing the *whole picture.*

People intake their dead flesh or pus-filled breast milk and talk about health, their children, etc., often while feeling a bit righteous (“I’m gonna eat what I want”) sitting next to the vegan. The vegan sits there and wonders if they are ignorant or just apathetic. It is one or the other, because once you know the facts it is unjustifiable in every sense our being to not live vegan. People will go to great lengths to defend something they do not fully understand and insist that the well-informed vegan is the one who is not thinking correctly.

Nonviolence. Justice. Compassion. Helps ALL fellow earthlings. Immediate improvements for the environment. Sustainability. Health. Joy. Love. Ease suffering. Clean water, land, and air. A clear choice with only positive and beneficial results…while nonvegan choices lead to nothing but disease and death for all beings and even our planet.

There is no justifiable reason to not live vegan.

Yes, vegans know the truth. Nonvegans would know too if they only allowed themselves to wake up to the facts.

It boils down to 3 choices.
Ignorance, apathy, or vegan? I know which one I am.



Medicate to Death


“I am sorry to tell you, you have a disease.
We will put you on treatment, with no guarantees.”

“Radiation initially, we will do every day,
and then possibly chemo, if things go our way.”

The first few not so bad – “You are doing great!”
But skin burning a bit, area starting to ache.

“Go buy this lotion, and to help ease your pain,
we will give you some Oxy – we must be humane!”

Week number three – “You are feeling a mess?”
"Managing this? Yes, I’m under some stress.”

“Here’s a prescription for Ativan to help calm your mind,
and you should take these laxatives to ease your behind.”

“We need more blood work, we need a PET scan -
we must start chemo as soon as we possibly can.”

The Port is inserted and the cycles begun
Your body toxic from this *medication*

“Now you’re feeling depressed and stomach upset?
Prilosec you must take to avoid GI distress.”

“This prescription for Celexa will ease your depression,
and some as needed Zofran to use at your discretion.”

More time passes, not feeling much better
But following instructions, right down to the letter.

“Pervasive malaise, losing weight and dry heaves?
We can put you on steroids to ease the disease.”

“The assistant reported your BP was high,
we will give you metoprolol or else you may die.”

“And the lab has determined your cholesterol is elevated,
so you will also take Lipitor to help keep it abated.”

Hair falling out and often feeling quit ill
Try to cope daily and can’t pay the bills

“But you are alive - isn’t that all that matters?”
But such a life of poor quality - all that’s loved is in tatters?!?!?

“We have more medications to quell the effects,
symptom control is really all to expect.”

“I am concerned for your low Vitamin D,
you must take every day - get at pharmacy!”

“Also buy calcium to prevent bones too thin,
and just for good measure grab a multivitamin.”

“Such a good job doing all as advised!”
But inevitably, more problems arise

A fall, an infection, shortness of breath, or a cold
A slow downward path as disease keeps its hold

“What did you expect as your condition advanced?
Quality and comfort? There’s a very slim chance.”

“Prolonging your life is the best we can do
So here is your flu shot – you don’t want the flu!”

Dizzy and tired, more infections, depressed?
“We will write more prescriptions and get this addressed.”

“This med is called Meclizine, dizziness what it is for,
and we’ll increase your Celexa just a little bit more.”

“The infection you have Macrobid will correct,
and buy some B vitamins to pep up your step.”

“We’ll give you something for your shortness of breath,
Lasix every day may help prevent death.”

“You are having trouble sleeping again?
No problem at all, I’ll refill your Ambien.”

“Now feeling forgetful and a little confused?
We’ll get you on Aricept, we’ve got nothing to lose.”

Life centered on doctors, disease, medications to measure
Gone are the days when life was a pleasure

And slowly it goes, onward to death’s door
A life that was taken a VERY long time before

And then at the funeral – “Such a wonderful soul.”
“The disease too aggressive, we just could not control.”

(And BTW, she died faithfully taking her Lipitor every day, believing in the medical profession…until she couldn’t anymore.)

We will likely be known for our lack of responsibility in the understanding of nutrition; for our inability to teach others the choices available to potentially achieve true health and quality of life. Much like the ridicule of former health professionals who promoted smoking cigarettes based on propaganda, our lack of education in nutrition, our lack of knowledge on the agricultural and environmental effect on the health of all beings, and our dedication to - and promotion of - Big Pharma will all be an embarrassing *incident* in the future of medicine.

Medical professionals need to take responsibility for continuing and enhancing their sparse-in-some-areas education. We are culpable for the harm we cause.

My sincere "Thank You" to the many health care providers working so hard to bring change. Your influence is being felt in the industry daily.