Sunday, December 27, 2015


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
'Twas Christmas dinner, at the family house,
Many were gathered, including Jimmy’s new spouse.
As the plates went around, she declined several things
Until it got attention, and they began questioning.
“Why aren’t you eating much? Do you not like my food?”
Jim’s spouse, Debra, said “I don’t mean to be rude…
I am a vegan, so it is plant-based I eat.
And I don’t require, special attention or treat
Thank you very much, I have enough on my plate,
And your hospitality I sincerely appreciate.”
Uncle Tim looked over, and in a critical voice,
“Don’t go preaching to me, it’s my personal choice.”
Then Aunt Sue piped up, “How would we feed everyone?
On nothing but lettuce? That could never be done.”
Debra tried to speak, but sister Jen spoke first,
“When I tried to be veggie, I was at my worst
I wasn’t well-nourished, and lost half my hair
I could never be vegan, I don’t even dare!”
Brother Bill then jumped in, Deb again couldn’t speak
“What about lions? Just look at my teeth!
Do you even eat cheese? What about fish?
My gosh, how ‘bout bacon? It is so damn delish!”
All looking around, the family stunned
Why would Jim even marry this one?
Then it continued, each expressing their view:
“If stuck on an island, what in the world would you do?”
“Farmers love their animals, and it has to be done.”
“If we didn’t eat animals we’d be overrun!”
“Man has always eaten animals…since I don’t know when.”
“Don’t plants feel pain? What of cavemen?”
“Don’t you care about humans? What kind of person are you?”
“You also kill animals – the bug under your shoe!”
“What about vitamins? Is your intake sufficient?”
“You’d better make sure, or you’ll be protein-deficient.”
“What about hunters? Do you hate all them too?”
“I only eat humane slaughter - that’s what people should do!”
Then Susie broke in – “I am feeling offended -
I’m quite sure I eat animals because that’s what God intended!”
Debra looked around, they all wanted a rise,
But she knew she was right, and she wasn’t unwise.
“I have no need or desire to make others suffer,
And killing another does not make me stronger or tougher.
I love being vegan, it is sincerely fulfilling,
And there is really no such thing as humane killing.
There is no good excuse, no rational need
To kill other beings and gorge on rotting flesh feed
I live by my morals, and I don’t know about you,
But I don’t harm other beings when I do not have to.”
The guests became quiet, some even saw she was right.
And all went quite well for the rest of the night.
But when it was over, and she was finally home,
She felt so lucky for her life, and for a mind of her own.