Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dumb Shit People Say

When I went vegan my biggest surprise,
was the reaction of others - their preference for lies!

The overwhelming majority unwilling to grow,
to move past their bias and into the ‘know’

Upset sometimes when being asked to see,
but not upset at ‘content’ - upset with me!

The irrational statements and ridiculous claims
to justify and rationalize rather than change.

Always dumb questions like, “Don’t plants feel pain?”
Kill puppies/mow the lawn – do they believe them the same?

They express a desire to be like a caveman?
Or seek *local* death and destruction whenever they can?

No matter how *local*, there is nothing humane
about the exploitation of others and causing undue pain.

Bias and discrimination - a lack of deliberate thought -
but a “personal choice” it most certainly is NOT.

They call veganism “extreme” and insist God approves…
Violence and apathy are acceptable views?

Innocent victims involved, basic decency forsaken,
but the most some can reply is how much they “love bacon…?”

Nonvegans fraught with disease, claim vegan unhealthy…
or that being vegan is elitist and only for wealthy?

Vegans not deficient in protein or iron,
and no, your teeth do NOT look like a lion!

They could ask rational questions or present a thoughtful take…
But instead often asked about a zombie outbreak.

Or a deserted island – “Then what would you do?”
“You have a bug on your windshield, you kill animals too!”

Desperate defense to keep dissonance disease.
When views and actions conflict it causes unease.

No, farmers DO NOT love their animals, they breed them only to slay,
and they will keep torturing them, as long as we pay.

And then there’s the question – “But don’t you miss cheese?”
No - I do not miss consuming secretions nor killing babies.

I’m not missing anything, of that I assure.
Nonvegan is toxic, veganism the cure.

Another frequent comment, though utterly wrong,
is to pull the ‘cult card’ and say we joined along.

But here is the fact, no matter what nonvegans perceive…
Their *cult* is what vegans have managed to leave!

The nonvegan *cult* requires bloodshed, violence, unkind…
So no wonder the pressure to justify such conflict of mind.

I used to be them, I have lived on each side,
but I prefer to think for myself and let my morals guide.

All these silly excuses, on their ‘journey’ they’re crawling…
While the truth - any delay is completely appalling.

Easy alternatives in the palm of the hand,
To go on ignoring – this I just can’t understand!

Animals exploited and tortured…planetary pollution,
Vegan an immediate way to be a part of solution.

But very deep is their program, they just don’t recognize.
Most people are decent, but they are mired in lies.

Only a world that accepts fantasy,
could call nonviolence “extreme” and defend travesty.

Claiming to “love” as they destroy everything.
Words that are empty while great harm actions bring.

So - the hardest of ‘vegan’? Those making stupid excuses.
Irrational nonsense to justify horrific abuses.

Yet no matter what dumb shit some people might say,
there is NO rational reason to not be vegan TODAY.

©Karyn Swaney

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