Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dear Nonvegans

Dear Nonvegans Everywhere,

Hello. I have been a vegan for about 10 years now. Before becoming vegan I LOVED to eat meat, cheese, dairy, etc. Then I saw something awful…something that made me think, for the very first time, about the choices I was making every day.

I grew up with companion animals. I loved the wild birds and array of wildlife that would pass through our yard. I loved the woods, and nature. I went along for more than 30 years “loving” other earthlings and believing I was “kind” to them.

It hurt to realize I had been wrong for so long. When it finally dawned on me, I was sure that you would want to know, too. I could not have imagined back then that people would NOT want to know, that they would rather continue on being inhumane to other earthlings and ecologically destructive. I have learned a lot since then! I have realized that many are not ready to *see* yet.

But I will always believe in the overall goodness of people, so I will continue trying to reach you…trying to find others like me, who merely need to be *told*. I am forever grateful for being *told*, and if I help even one other person to *find themselves* then that is a wonderful thing.

Are you like me? Do you care about other earthlings but never thought about how much you are hurting them? Do you care about nature and our ecology but never realized you were such a toxic burden to the world?

If so, I can tell you some things that are very important to know…

1. Going vegan it is not as hard as it seems BEFORE you go vegan! It seemed overwhelming and I had no idea how to even begin, but I was determined…THEN I found out it actually wasn’t that hard at all!!! Your supermarket is likely FULL of vegan products, you were just never looking for them before. We can help you, you can still eat cakes and cookies and brownies if you want to, I promise!!!

2. Some people will NOT support you. You may even be mocked or avoided. In the great words of Morpheus, “some are not ready to be unplugged.” Some of the people you feel sure will care or support you may disappoint you. Some may even call you “extreme”. I remind you to always remember that you are NOT the one who is still covered in the suffering and blood of other sentient, vulnerable earthlings while spreading toxicity into both the ecology and your body.

3. You will get more confident. You will grow. Your brain will feel clear. You will help the world. You will help animals. You are amazing, and the fact that you care is commendable. Never let anyone tell you differently. You are already strong, and you will only grow stronger.

4. We are here to support you. We are MANY, and we will help in any way we can. Vegan numbers rise every day as people such as yourself awaken to the truth. Showing concern for others and not wanting to cause their tremendous suffering is NOT a weird way to think or feel!

5. Being vegan is the BEST THING EVER! It is a wonderful way to live, a wonderful way to think. In the words of most vegans, “I only wish I had gone vegan sooner.”

Happily Living Vegan Forever.