Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"A Beautiful Day"

“It’s a beautiful day”

For the animals on feedlots of mud and disease?
Or the dairy cow grieving her kidnapped babies?

For the millions of birds living in cages or sheds?
Or for those having their feathers ripped out for a pillow or spreads?

For those transported long distances all crammed together,
with no food or water in all forms of weather?

For the snakes, alligators, crocs, killed just to steal skins?
Or the sharks who are brutalized for the soup made of fins?

How about those in the rodeo spurred into aggression?
Or for those who are caged and live under oppression?

For all of the fish, suffocated to death?
And for all those being slaughtered, who struggle for breath?

For those living on concrete, never known sun or grass?
Or those stuck in a bowl, a life encircled in glass?

For those who are heartlessly cooked while alive?
Or those who’ve been clipped and unable to fly?

For the bee who we steal the brew of their toils?
Or the many homeless and killed to make cheap filler oils?

For all those abandoned who are left all alone?
Or those who lived in the forest but were burned out of their home?

For those seen only as profits for the wool that we use?
Or those who’ve been sentenced to a life spent in zoos?

For all the wildlife, being culled and displaced?
For those seen as value only for how fast they raced?

For those trapped, caged, electrocuted, so we can steal their furs?
Or for those used in cruel testing that does not provide cures?

For all of the slaves forced to perform in silly display?
For who do you think it is a beautiful day?

©Karyn Swaney

Please help make it a "beautiful day" for others, too. If you are not vegan please go vegan today.