Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Seeking *Great* People

I always assume I am *talking* (IRL and even here on FB) to a *great person*. No matter how I know you or have the opportunity to somehow be in your life, I assume you are a wonderful caring outstanding example of humankind!! :)

But my assumptions of *great personhood* are unfortunately put in doubt when factual conversations arise; conversations such as:
“Not living vegan causes others a great deal of suffering.”

I believe a *great person* would think about this statement. A *great person* would not want to cause another terrible suffering when they could avoid it. A *great person* would want to educate themselves to make informed decisions. A truly *great person* who educated themselves would then change in response to new and factual information. Furthermore, a *great person* would not just change - they would want to put an end to such abomination.

That is what a *great person* would do. To do otherwise would be to support suffering, perversion, indecency, enslavement, confinement, abuse, slavery, exploitation, discrimination, and cruelty. No *great person* would support these things.

I assume everyone is a *great person*, at least initially. Then unfortunately I must begin to ponder their true character if they continue to defend acts I can clearly see are immoral.

It isn’t a question of whether being nonvegan is wrong…I KNOW it is wrong. There is too high a price, too many consequences, too much suffering to bear…oh yes, it IS wrong. So it is simply a question of the *great* people among us. *Great* people taking responsibility for their behavior and changing.

If you are not vegan please stop supporting actions you would actually morally disagree with. Think about what you believe truly defines a *great person* …and then behave that way.

Going vegan was easy. When I saw the absolute depravity and suffering that nonvegans support it was clear what kind of person I wanted to be, and being nonvegan is not who I ever want to be again. I LOVE living vegan!

Live vegan or cause tremendous suffering – there is no 3rd option.

If you are not vegan please go vegan today.