Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Helping not Harming

My [awesome vegan 😊] husband works at a truck shop along a very busy truck route and there are many trucks in the yard in various stages of repair. A few times the 'guys' have found cats, we would assume who were *dumped* there, desperately seeking shelter and safety in one of the trucks.
Last week and through this week temperatures have been below zero here and we are in quite the cold spell...when suddenly 2 very small cats - almost kittens - are spotted trying to get some shelter in one of the repair trucks. Of course the minute anyone tries to get near them they run away, so hubby hauls out our Havahart trap and another guy at work also brings one in, and we set about trapping these babies.
The first one was relatively easy, by Saturday we got her, but that just made all of us more desperate - now the other was alone, in below freeing temperatures!
We drove back and forth numerous times Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to check the trap (since it was a holiday weekend and no one else was at the shop) kitty. But one of the other guys did the Monday afternoon run, and to our shock, we got 'Momma'!!!!! (we assume it is 'Momma' anyways, the resemblance is strong).
They had never seen her and didn't know she was out there!
So, last night, with good covers and warm bedding, 'Momma' was left inside the truck cab with a second trap set right next to her, and we went to bed desperately hoping to get the other kitty before they got crushed on the busy road or froze to death...
As soon as he got to work this morning my [awesome vegan 😊] husband called, admittedly close to tears...WE GOT THE OTHER BABY!!!
We got them out of this terrible cold and they will now know warmth and love. They 'guys' are all dickering about who will ultimately take them home after being seen by a vet and such, they are in love! There it a lot of talk of keeping the babies together, if not all three. I don't know what will happen as I have my hands full with my crew and have not 'thrown my hat in the ring' as a potential home unless the situation was dire, which it is not. We have done our part of this rescue for now.
At the moment we have left a trap set, in case there happen to be others, and we will keep checking it. 'Momma' was a surprise and we don't want to assume we got them all just yet.
The feeling of relief when you can secure a safe life for a precious being is close to indescribable, but it basically the way I feel about life every moment of every day as a vegan. I love animals. I do not want to hurt any of them...NOT. ONE. SINGLE. BIT.
I want to help them. Living vegan is a relief and a joy. I am grateful for 'vegan'.
Live in alignment. Celebrate peace. Live vegan

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