Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Vegan is Rational

Everyone would be vegan if they’d let themselves *see*
if they’d let go of their bias and just think rationally.
That is not said flippant, it’s a dead serious truth,
A look ‘round society offers much proof.
Think of the books, all the movies enjoyed
Where we root for the animal…we don’t want their lives destroyed!
On the edge of our seats when from their killers they flee…
But before I went vegan, that killer was ME.
We hope Babe and Wilbur stay away from their knives.
Yet we don’t connect we’re the ones actually taking their lives.
When we look at the world through when we begin,
we see without question of a love from within.
And were one to ask…we already know what we'd say,
“Do you want to hurt animals?” would get an emphatic "NO WAY!"
Taught some to kill, some to sleep with at night.
We do harm to most while we hold our pets tight.
A man abuses his dog – “How could he dare?”
Public outcry for hanging in the mid of town square.
A man kills a lion - and the world has a fit,
Kill billions of others? So few give a shit.
Seen on the news “A cow made an escape,
he was destined for slaughter until he made his big break.”
A great clamor arises as many hope for rescue,
But millions of others like him needing YOU.
Cognitive dissonance is what it is called,
when we treat some one way but don’t apply our morals to all.
We don’t even recognize this strange contradiction,
abuse of some fine, but of a dog gets a conviction.
It’s pretty concerning thinking your mind is legit
and then you see differently – a complete hypocrite!
I’m completely perplexed why this obvious fact,
makes so many defensive and on the attack.
But as I said already - all vegans we’d be,
if we used common sense and we thought rationally.

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