Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What's *Hard* about Being Vegan?

I had always “loved animals”, or at least so I thought,
Then I found out that in fact I did not.
My “love” included violence, slavery, and their *use*.
I thought that I cared - while I supported abuse.
When going vegan I had no doubt it was right,
I found out all my ignorance and went vegan overnight.
Initially I found out about *factory farms*
But soon I woke up to even small ‘local’ harms.
Before going vegan we think it will be tough
to change out our habits and even some of our stuff.
After going vegan not long to realize,
‘Vegan’ not hard once we open our eyes.
A short matter of time before most vegans will say
“I wish I’d gone vegan a much earlier day!”
Before I was vegan I was blind, deaf, and dumb…
I thought I “loved animals” but I only loved SOME.
I was thoughtless and brainwashed, not making sense,
Ingrained with bad habits, drowned with dissonance.
Then something woke in my brain, cleared in my mind,
I found ‘vegan’ AMAZING - no longer deaf, dumb, or blind!
One *hard* thing of ‘vegan’ was an honest assess of myself,
annoyed how long consciousness sat unused on a shelf.
I had to accept my own bias, lack of thought.
A *personal choice* it most certainly is NOT.
There are *victims* involved and mercy forsaken
But the most some can reply is how much they “love bacon?”
When you’ve seen all the lies, this terrible hoax,
It is utterly appalling how some can make jokes.
Animals exploited and tortured…planetary pollution,
People claim to care but avoid being part of solution.
So - the hardest of ‘vegan’? - people making excuses
For their active part in these ongoing abuses.
Saying they care but so much harm that they bring.
Claiming to “love” as they destroy everything.
There are such easy alternatives in the palm of their hand,
but they insist on ignoring – this I just can’t understand!
Once I was ‘woke’ I never once looked behind
I am vegan forever, a life with morals in line.
I love being vegan – so many reasons nonvegan is wrong,
My only regret is that it took me so long.
We can make different choices, we can change our way…
If you are not vegan please go vegan TODAY.

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